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Gravitron Drive with a Rapidly Spinning Disk (RSD)
Propulsion without Propellant

– Full Proposal –

The Concept
Current technology used in the aerospace industry is well overdue for a major upgrade. The Space Shuttle is neither the safest nor the most economical of low Earth orbit vehicles. Furthermore, humans cannot venture into deep space safely within realistic time schedules.  These are not the only reasons for the much needed aerospace industry upgrade, there are serious problems with global climate change and depleting energy resources.

Conventional jet aircraft are major polluters. The fuel consumed per hour by a 747 jumbo jet in flight is equivalent to the fuel used by approx 1,300 motor vehicles every hour. Conventional rockets also pollute the atmosphere. Moreover, rockets are currently regarded as too slow, too unreliable, too expensive and too inefficient for their purpose.

The production of oil is peaking worldwide.  Only massive investment to modernise existing installations will enable the industry to extract the last remnants from current fields. To enable the extraction from the alleged remaining resources such as the Alaskan fields and the Caspian Sea, continual investment will be required and further desecration of the planet will result.  Such investment is clearly a short term solution, since the oil industry itself estimates that there will soon begin a permanent and precipitous decline in the availability of oil that will very likely completely change the character of civilisation as we know it within the next 20 years or so.

All the current alternatives in the world cannot begin to provide more than a tiny fraction of the energy base now provided by oil. In addition oil is required for lubrication purposes and for the ever-growing plastics industry. Only radically different solutions and totally new energy technologies will save us.

The purpose of the RSD enterprise is to develop and demonstrate a truly advanced technological solution. It is a propulsion system harnessing gravity as a thrusting force, generated by a rapidly spinning disk in a gravitron drive. This solution will provide a complete replacement for traditional jet engines and rocket propulsion.

Spinning Disk Research was founded to develop this technology. Headquartered in the UK, the senior partners have been in business together for over 14 years.  Spinning Disk Research has spent many years on the project so far and one of the world's top materials scientists is a partner heading up the RSD team.

side view gravitron driveThe RSD Project
This project is an international effort to access and harness the secrets of gravity and usher in a new era of scientific understanding. The technological development will be on a scale so vast that the potential outcomes are merely hinted at by previous achievements.

The task is to develop a totally fresh approach to the way in which aircraft and spacecraft are powered, completely replacing traditional jet engines and conventional rocket propulsion with a clean, non oil-based technology. Nothing less than total conceptual renewal to reduce the time spent travelling around the globe. The Challenge is also to enable manned space exploration – whether in low Earth orbit or into deep space – to become a cost effective, speedy and a safe reality. All without consuming fossil fuels or any other type of conventional propellant.

Conventional rockets are regarded as too slow, too unreliable, too expensive and too inefficient. In chemical or nuclear rocket propulsion speedy acceleration or sudden changes of direction are not practical because such actions (if they were possible) would subject the occupants to excessive pressures-exerted in the opposite direction to the thrust. Rocket technology also requires that travellers train for a considerable time (and at great cost) to be able to tolerate the micro (or zero) gravity of space.

The RSD, in an appropriate craft will be able to generate a source of localised gravity. This on-board, computer-controlled force, equivalent to our normal 1G environment, will remove any possibility of occupants being forced back against the craft's wall as it accelerates.

Spinning Disk Research has put together a specialist team.  The project is proceeding by several incremental steps in two major stages, Phase One and Phase Two.
  • RSD + HDE Phase One will culminate in the demonstration of gravity generation by a 30 cm RSD. Time to realisation: approx 3 years.
  • RSD + HDE Phase Two will culminate in a basic demonstration of a 200 cm drive mounted in a prototype demonstration model craft powered by an RSD. Time to realisation: approx 3 years.
  • HDE Component will run in parallel with Phase One and Phase Two. Full details available upon request

Alternative Approach
alternative technologies
, remain open to new ideas.
Support projects such as this research program, and be ready for the future.
Plan ahead and utilise induced gravity propulsion in new aircraft designs.
A gravity drive will deliver a highly effective continuous thrusting force via the RSD without propellant.
Partners associated with this breakthrough technology will hold all the cards in 10 year's time.

Conventional Thinking
Nuclear Power – requires uranium ores that face depletion, as with oil and gas.
Hydrogen – unsuitable for passenger aircraft.
Wind and Solar – unable to deliver required quantities. Unsuitable for passenger aircraft.
Carry on as we are now, consuming fossil fuels, endangering the environment, and protecting current commercial interests.
Ignore revolutionary ideas.
Leave it to future generations to sort out the planet.

For more information please contact the partners at: info@spinningdisk.org

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"The biggest deterrent to scientific progress is the refusal of some people, including scientists, to believe that things that seem amazing can actually happen."

George S Trimble Jr.
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conventional technology
A totally new technology required



propulsion without propellant
Gravitron Drive with RSD in a craft



"The Aerospace and Defence industry is conservative, it doesn't like change."

Nick Cook
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