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The boat is sinking.
"No one can be comfortable at the prospect of continuing to pump out the amounts of carbon monoxide we are at present... something must be done now."

Lord Ron Oxburgh
formerly CEO
Shell Group




"The World community will soon face the need for a full-scale transition from a petroleum-based economy to one powered by other sources of energy."

Michael Klare
Blood and Oil: How
America's Thirst for
Petrol is Killing Us





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Spinning Disk Research


I would like to see us kick our current addiction to oil, and adopt clean energy sources. For over a decade, I've been monitoring various new energy experiments, but they have yet to produce commercial scale results. Climate change has now added a new sense of urgency. Our civilisation depends on energy, but we can't allow oil and coal to slowly bake our planet.

Arthur C Clarke

The Situation Today
To date, no replacement supersonic passenger aircraft has materialised. The Aviation Industry has no real idea of what is going to supersede the jet engine. And, while conceding that for future space travel there is a need for a 'total conceptual renewal' of the current technology, the Space Industry is still using relatively primitive rocket boosters and sometimes even nuclear power plants are deployed in their vehicles.

There is a growing feeling that the answer is the much needed and long awaited 'alternative energy source' which is 'just around the corner'. But those who have the ability to make a difference give every impression of being reluctant to take a truly giant step for Mankind, and turn that corner.

The Challenge
To find an alternative source of power. To replace traditional jet engines and rocket propulsion with clean, green, new technologies.

To be Achieved

  • By building a radically different propulsion system for both passenger air transport and human space travel – nothing less than total conceptual renewal.
  • By developing a superior power source, harnessing a highly efficient thrusting capability, a Gravitron Drive, utilising a rapidly spinning disk (RSD).

    Imagine a craft powered by a totally clean, silent, efficient technology that takes off vertically, right there, from the departure gate. Imagine an alternative to the use of explosive forces to generate power and motion. Imagine a rapid people mover. And imagine a mode of transport to any destination on Earth, in a fraction of the time it takes at present.

airport of the future ©CA
Airport of the future with vertical take off craft incorporating a Gravitron Drive with an RSD.
Take off and landing directly from the departure gate.

Compared with the burning of fossil fuels in traditional jet engines, and the crudeness of brute force rockets, we consider the RSD solution to be the foundation for the ultimate quantum leap in aircraft design.

One thing is clear: the era of easy oil is over. The end of oil is closer than we think.

Alternative Approach
alternative technologies
, remain open to new ideas.
Support projects such as this RSD Research program, and be ready for the future.
Plan ahead and utilise induced gravity propulsion in new aircraft designs.
A gravity drive will deliver a highly effective continuous thrusting force via the RSD without propellant.
Partners associated with this breakthrough technology will hold all the cards in 10 year's time.

Conventional Thinking
Nuclear Power – requires uranium ores that face depletion, as with oil and gas.
Hydrogen – unsuitable for passenger aircraft.
Wind and Solar – unable to deliver required quantities. Unsuitable for passenger aircraft.
Carry on as we are now, consuming fossil fuels, endangering the environment, and protecting current commercial interests.
Ignore revolutionary ideas.
Leave it to future generations to sort out the planet.

"One year lost in addressing the problem is like seven years lost. Yet there is good news. There are many technological and policy options for addressing the global warming challenge."
JF Rischard, The World Bank

Something has to be done – now

The concept for gravitron drive technology was devised by David S. Percy FRSA, ARPS. The RSD Research project is getting on with the job of advancing a radically new propulsion system for the next decade.

For more information please contact the partners at: info@spinningdisk.org

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There is a rapidly-unfolding energy crisis.

"As long as the argument remains bogged down at the level of whether the problem exists or not, governments will consider themselves free to do exactly as they want."

David Fleming


"Waiting for a 'Magic Elixir' where wishful thinking, false hopes and denial distract from the hard work needed in order to avoid a catastrophe. And 'Last One Standing' – the path of competition for remaining resources – are of little viability for our future energy resource management."

Richard Heinberg
and Actions in a Post-Carbon World




"As a serious new source of energy, nuclear power is a non-starter."

David Fleming